OnBelay Vineyard

This beautiful 55 acre parcel is located on a 150 foot bluff over the Colorado River near 35 Road.

Viognier (clone 1, self-rooted, 2013): This exceptional white grape may be the best white variety in the Valley, producing highly floral full body wines. The vine is difficult to grow in its French homeland but loves Colorado! Viognier uses hot mid-day summer heat to fully ripen and cooler nights to preserve its delicate acidity and aromas. You’ll enjoy the perfume bouquet of peach, apricot, and pear.

Syrah (clone Joseph Phelps, self-rooted and grafted stock, 2016) : This noble grape produces a full bodied, very dark and complex wine. Blackberry, currant, spiciness, and smooth tannins are often noted in this dry, fruit forward wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon (multiple clones, grafted, 2018): The worlds most popular red grape, it produces a full bodied, tannic, high-quality wine.

Cabernet Franc (planting in Spring 2023): This great red Bordeaux variety, grows well in Colorado and produces wine with berry, earthy notes, and spice.

Petit Verdot (planting in Spring 2023): This grape variety produces a rich dark wine and can be blended with other red varieties to add complexity.

Roussanne (planting in Spring 2023): This white grape, traditionally grown in the Northern Rhone of France, produces wine with floral notes, and can be used in both red and white blends adding character and complexity.

Chardonnay (planting in Spring 2023): This well known and popular white variety is grown worldwide. Chardonnay grapes can produce wines with a variety of characters depending on the winemaking style, from light and minerally, to rich and buttery, or full oaky flavor.