Whitewater Hill

This vineyard is normally open to visitors during tasting room business hours. We asked that you let the tasting staff know if you plan to stroll through the vineyard.

This is the 7 acre parcel which includes the winery located right off Highway 141. Our terroir here is good for both cold-hardy and European grapes. Here we grow:

Aromella: a relatively newer white grape of very high quality. We use it in both sweet and dry wines. It produces an aromatic wine characterized by notes of pineapple, honeysuckle, with a floral character.

St Vincent: a cold hardy red grape. Sometimes compared to Chianti with cherry flavors and a complex after taste. Often used in red blends.

Cabernet Franc: Great red Bordeaux variety. Grows well and produces good wine here in Colorado. This ancient grape is the father of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Merlot: Premium Bordeaux variety. Grows well and produces wine with smooth tannins. Capable of many expressions depending upon how it is vinified. Also a very good blending wine.